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How far is it to New York City from your house?  Hope to see you there.

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2014 Convention Forms Available...

Member's 2014 Convention Registration forms are available on line for your convenience. The club newsletter that is on its way to you has a detailed article about the 2014 NYC Convention and includes the two forms that you will need for register.

1967 Checker

We are posting these registration files here for member's convenience. Follow this link to locate the registration and car form. Thanks for remembering that you must be a registered member to attend the club sponsored events in NYC.

Looking forward to seeing you THERE...

How long will it take you to get THERE???


2014 NYC Convention Updated 01/14/2014

Happy New Year!

I Checker NY

The December 31 deadline for getting the club discount at the Box House Hotel has now passed. As some of you know, we sold out the block of rooms that were allotted to us and a wait list was started by the hotel. The wait list is not there in the hopes that someone will cancel their reservation. Rather, it is a temporary measure to allow the Box House to assign another set of rooms. Everyone who got their name on the list by December 31 will receive the discounted hotel rate.

From now until the end of May, we will be getting a new block of rooms that, most likely, will be in a new hotel also owned by Joe Torres. While it is in walking distance of the Box House, you can either use your own car or ask the hotel to give you a ride using their own Checkers. We will give you the new rates as soon as they are negotiated. Please note that the hotel does not yet have a name. So, they won't be able to tell you where you are staying until this is finalized.

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Check out "2014 NYC Convention Member Forum" for the latest news by following the link: The latest information is at the back end of this thread. Find the highest number on top and click on it.

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About the Checker Car Club of America

CCCoAThe Checker Car Club Of America, Inc.
Attn: Anthony Mattern
Treasurer & Membership
160 Willard Drive
North East, MD, 21901-1631

The Checker Car Club of America was organized in April of 1982 for the preservation, enjoyment and information on Checker automobiles manufactured from 1922-1982 (year production ceased). In 2000 the club was incorporated under the name Checker Car Club of America, Inc. as a 501(c)(7) Not For Profit and is recognized as such by the State of Indiana and the IRS.

Ownership is not a prerequisite for membership and all are welcome.

If you wish to join, dues are only $25 per year (North America) and $30 (Foreign) in US funds. We accept check, money order, BillPay®, and PayPal®. If you wish to pay via PayPal® the fee is increased by $3 to defray the cost of their transaction fee - Don't forget to include your address the first time. Membership includes a subscription to the quarterly newsletter (mailed in January, April, July and October). Plus access to restricted areas and information on our website. Membership runs from February through January of the following year. If you join in the middle of a year, back issues for that year will be mailed to you.

To join, use the online membership application by following the "Join the Club!" link on the right, or you may print an application,  fill out the form and mail it to the address listed above with your Check or Money Order (US funds only please) payable to CCCoA. You may save postage and check fees by renewing using Bill Pay® service at your bank, then email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   the application information. If you wish to pay via PayPal® the fee is increased by $3 to defray the cost of the transaction fee. The account is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


2014 NYC Convention Updated 11/26/2013

The New York City host committee is pleased to announce that the plans for the June 19-22, 2014 convention are in full swing.

Our events will start on Thursday afternoon with a walking tour of the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn. This will also be the day that the "Checker Corral" parking area will open on Box Street. On Friday, there will be two separate tours of NY taxi garages and a walking tour of downtown Manhattan, the Financial District and the World Trade Center site. These will be followed by a Checker Block Party outside our home base, the Box House Hotel, and will be open to the public. On Saturday, we will take our beloved vehicles into Manhattan and show them off at a second Checker Block Party on 25th Street off Lexington Avenue. This will also be open to the public. In addition, there will also be a tour of Chelsea, the Meat Packing District and the High Line. As usual, Saturday night will be reserved for our 'members-only' banquet, silent auction and awards ceremony.

We look forward to seeing you at this existing event. For now, please remember to make your hotel reservations by the end of this year (December 31, 2013). Our $100 plus tax daily rate (June 19-22, 2014) is only guaranteed until that time! If you plan to stay longer either before or after the convention, our daily rate is $209 plus tax. This rate is also guaranteed until December 31. Both rates will be much higher after December 31.

For more details about the convention, please click on "Read More…" below.

The 2014 NYC Host Committee
Michael Angelich, Steve Barnes, Barbara Kiss, Larry Kiss, George Laszlo, Michael Pincus

Here's a NYC story on the plans:  dnaInfo New York Story

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Checker Club’s 2014 convention heading to New York City

Daniel Strohl Nov 1st, 2013 at 8am From Hemmings Daily

Though the company called Kalamazoo home and the club includes members all around the world, New York City is the place that made the Checker as recognizable as it is today, and to the Big Apple the Checker Car Club of America will travel for its national convention next year.

While a sizable order for taxis for a Chicago cab company prompted the formation of the company that would become Checker Motors in 1921, within a couple years the company went on to establish sales operations in New York City and, according to James Hinckley’s book, Checker Cab Co. Photo History, Checker went on to sell more than 2,000 cabs in New York over its first couple of years – about half of its total production.

See more at:


Everything You Wish You Had Known Before Buying Your First Checker !

ImageWe’ve all done it. Fell in love with a car, bought it, and then discovered we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves in to. Maybe this article will help those who haven’t bought a Checker yet.

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